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I would like to introduce you our cattery. Since January 2017 we have registered cattery in the TICA and we are also a member of the Cool Cats Club. We don't breed kittens for the purpose of the profit, but for the pleasure of new owners and the development of this breed.
Cats have been my dream since early childhood. I can't even describe what they mean to me. They're my children, they're our family members, and they are a sense of my life.
Cats are great antidepressants, their characters, pride and way to showing love will never stop to fascinate me.
My first cat was a long-haired crossbreed Matýsek who started my passion for cats. With him I absolutely fall into the cat world and I never stop being thankful him for what he taught me.
I'm very grateful to my awesome loving mother who taught me love animals since I was a child and thanks to her, this my dream became reality.
This breed enchanted me with their loving nature, impressive appearance, their pride, grandeur, fascinating ways and a specific behavior that is different from other breeds.
I admired this breed on Facebook for many years until I got my first MCO. I visited some exhibitions, learned and studied information about these cats, the care they needed, their illnesses, the breeders ... and I enjoyed watching photos of these majestic hairy giants.
Along MCO are living with us 3 crossbreed cats - Oskar, Sára and Lentilka.
Our goal is breed the kittens after healthy, strong, contact, cuddling and beautiful cats. Their health is our priority, all of our cats are tested for FIV and FeLV. The Maine Coon cats are also tested for HCM, PKD, SMA, PRA, PK-Def, with negative results.
We are regularly going for the sono of their hearts and kidneys, vaccination and our cats still are under veterinary supervision.
Other than the health of our cats, their character is also important for us. That's why we are trying to chose the cats with a calm and balanced character, socialize our kittens and prepare them for the human arms. There's nothing more beautiful than the feeling of their warm fur and the sound of purring when they sleep on your lap, or when they come to give you a massage :)
Cats are our rightful family members. We 100% dedicated to them with maximum love and care.
Our flat are fully adapted to them by many scratches, swings, wall shelves, toys, etc.
They are involved in all our activities, sleeping with us in bed, watching with us on TV, "help" with work, cooking, cleaning, and in nice weather they are very happy to spend their time on a secured balcony.
Our cats are fed mostly raw chicken, pork, turkey and beef.
Furthermore are fed by quality granules N&D, Purizon and cans Cosma, Feringa, Porta 21. Kittens leaves us in 4 months old with a sales contract. All kittens are socialized, fully vaccinated with Purevax, several times wormed, chipped, and pet are castrated. For each kitten, the new owner will receive the original pedigree, Petpas, copies of parents tests, and some things they like and need for easier beginning. I like to give all future owners of our kittens a breeding service during whole cat life and a helping hand in case of any problem as much as I can. With new owners of our offspring I'm in close contact for whole life of cats and we often find in us allied souls and share the joy and lives of our cats.
Watch our plans.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me, either via FB or by email. Upon prior agreement, we'll gladly welcome you for a non-binding visit at us.
We look forward to you :)

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