IMG 0797Date of birth: 9.7. 2018
Color: red mackerel bikolor

EMS code: MCO d0323

Actual weight: 8kg

Parents: Kamilla Kari Ochi
              Umi Naomi Neko Kenta

Breeder: Paula Krawczyk


FIV, FeLV - negative
HCM 1,3 - N/N
PK-Def - N/N

                                            Heart and kydney sonography 2019 - normal


I waited a long time for the red bikolor or harlequin boy to be born for me. I love his parents.  He's a long boy on the long legs with a huge box, strong chin, long good size ears and a fantastic character. From the beginning he had no confidence in me, and it took him a long time to adapt and to accept my cats. Now he's a surreal sweetheart, I have him on my chest all the day. His favorite toy is a crumpled piece of paper that he loves to aports. He often talks to me, his E .. E .. gets me to knees. I look forward to his furure development.

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