Hanička 11 měsíců na škrábadle 3 1Date of birth: 6. 2. 2018
Color: black tortie tabby white
EMS code : f0922
Actual weight: 5,2kg
Parents: CH Irk Viktoria Pride, CZ
              CH Paloma Yorie of Sudden Blazing, CZ

Breeder: Ladislav Páleník
Owner: Eliška Martínková


Our sweet honey girl I loved since she was little kitten, and with the passing time I was more and more confirming that love at first sight really works. I love her expression, strong box, chin, ears, color and especially her beautiful parents. Big thanks to the wonderful Páleník's family for such treasure.

FIV, FeLV - negative
from parents: 
HCM 1,3 - N/N
PK-Def - N/N

Heart and kydney sonography 2019 - normal

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